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Grease Monkey

Well, if you are here, you either know what you're here for or are curious as to what this section is for. For those of you using the FireFox browswer, you will find this section most relavant. Grease Monkey is an extention for FireFox that allows for you to install small user scripts to change the way web pages render.

User Scripts

Grease Monkey is useless without user scripts. There is a very large repository of user scripts available. You can find scripts dealing with almost every popular and semi-popular web site out there. The ones listed here are either mine or ones I've modified.

I currently only have one at the moment and it's for use with Gaia Online. More will come as I make them. I may change the way I have this set up depending on how many scripts I end up making. I might just blog about them in the future and only have the latest updates show up here requiring you to search the blog for user scripts or something. I'm not sure. But for now, they'll all be listed here.

Ignore much of the previous section...

Grease Monkey is depreciated and no longer updated. A better option would be TamperMonkey. It is what I've been using lately on both Chrome and Firefox based browsers. Userscripts from Grease Monkey should still work as far as I'm aware. I don't use very many of late, though I'm working on one that's a combination of several different ones for a certain website with a few tweaks. Maybe I'll share it when I'm done, but most likely not here.