Many Faces, One Man

Welcome to's new home!

Welcome to the site.

If you are seeing this page, then it means that the switch (that happened many, many years ago and has happened again since) from hosting providers is completed. And in that case, I would like to personally welcome you to the new site. It has a much better look, and much better syntax. I would also like to promise that the content will be much better than it has of recent dates. (This has obviously been a lie as it sat unchanged for several years.) I'm still (not) working on the content, so not all the pages are available just yet, and my blog isn't set up yet, though I have the link for it there.

About the Style

The style used on this site is a template I have named Combined Might due to the fact that I have created it from two templates, andreas04 and andreas09, by Andreas Viklund. Despite the animated visuals, the coding is very simple and clean. It uses valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS2. Because of this, the design will work in any standards compliant browser.

I am also working on a print style sheet for this site as well to make it easier to print. It will either remove or re-arrange parts of the right side bar. It may also remove all or some of the images depending on their relavance to the article they appear in. (ie: If it's a diagram of a brain and I'm discussing the anatomy of the brain and you feel it's a wonderful article want to print it out so you can study the article later while in the bathroom, it will print the diagram as well, but the valid XHTML image wouldn't.)

Once I actually get around to properly setting this up, I'll most likely end up using a new theme and have all sorts of new built-in functionality instead of trying to create the wheel from scratch.

The World that Was

This site currently represents a new stage in my life. One in which I hope to be out of again soon. It is the stage of being unemployed. Hence why I have moved from AN Hosting to Steadfast Networks. I have also switched registrars as well to 1&1 since it's only $5.99/year for most domains.

Actually, scrap all of that. That's some really old information. It's been way too long since I've updated this and I'm no longer using any of those registrars or hosts. This site is kind of just in stasis as is while I "work on" a whole new layout. I started it a few years ago and it still hasn't progressed anywhere. I'll hopefully get around to it one day.